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Service, Support and Training


service 1Web Tech AutoWeigh provides both on-site and in-house service facilities for all of our equipment. We strongly suggest that any new equipment purchased from Web Tech be initially setup and commissioned by Web Tech or an authorised service provider. Training of your own staff and or contracted staff can take place at the same time if requested.

While many technicians may be qualified in certain areas, there is no substitute for the expertise we have in our own products. In some cases equipment installed or serviced by non-Web Tech staff may wrongly be diagnosed as faulty. Most equipment installed by Web Tech has been sized for the application and there have been instances where contractors have moved, or tried to modify equipment where there has been no requirement.

Contact us for more information regarding equipment and service Web Tech AutoWeigh provides.

The following should be noted:

Conveyor Belt Scales

service 2One of the most important aspects of any conveyor belt scale installation is the mechanical alignment of the weigh idlers and associated approach and retreat idlers. “Close enough” is not acceptable in these instances. We strongly recommend that Web Tech Autoweigh or an authorised service provider supervise the initial mechanical installation and alignment of the equipment.

Loss in Weight, Weigh Feeders, Vibratory, Gravimetric and EasyFlow Feeders

LIW feeders & Weigh Belt feeders are generally calibrated and commissioned in our factory prior to shipping. However, we cannot duplicate the exact running conditions of the equipment once installed. Minor adjustments such as PID loop tuning and hopper refill parameters may need refining. It is also very important that product is run over the system when commissioning on-site, before dispatch and ideally for some applications, prior to manufacture to achieve the desired results.

Onsite supervision of the installation is recommended.

Web Tech Autoweigh or an authorised service provider should carry out final on site commissioning. This applies in particular to specialised applications

Metal Detectors

Metal detectors are setup prior to dispatch, to factory specifications; these specifications may not be duplicated in a site environment. Tuning the metal detector to size and belt speed is vital for accurate detection. It is recommended that Web Tech Autoweigh carry out commissioning prior to running the unit.

Bin Level Weighing/Load cells and Batch control

These units have factory settings however these units will need to be commissioned onsite in the actual environment to be the most accurate. In particular if the Kistler Morse Microcell or bolt on cell is damaged during installation, the system will be inaccurate.

Welding within close proximity and lightning can also damage load cells.

Cutting load cell cable/ splicing will also void the warranty.

Service Contracts

Web-Tech can provide a service contract tailored for the equipment, application and location.

This ensures that the Conveyor Belt Scale, Weigh Belt Feeders, Loss in Weight Feeders and Bin level/Load cell based systems perform to the required accuracy.

Service contracts provide:

  • Calibration corrections
  • Routine maintenance
  • Provide preventative measures
  • Reduce costly downtime due to breakdowns
  • Reduce premature failures

Service contracts are priced based on the site location, equipment type and frequency of visits.

Site visits are based on 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly intervals.

Please contact Web-Tech if you require further information.


Web Tech has a number of in house technicians who can offer technical support via email and limited support over the telephone. It is always advisable to have one of our technicians visit your site if the problem is not a simple fix. We also offer our technical literature for free download below.


Web Tech AutoWeigh has a comprehensive FAT & training facility in Brisbane.

We cater for training in:

  • Conveyor Belt scales
  • Weigh Belt Feeders
  • Loss In Weight (Vibratory and Screw feeders)
  • Metal Detectors
  • Bin Weighing Systems
  • Electronic Integrators and Controllers: Masterweigh, Optimus, Novus & Rice Lake

Contact us for further information.

Dealers, Agents, Resellers & OEM

Web Tech AutoWeigh welcomes enquiries from domestic and international companies that may be interested in selling and/or servicing our products in their area. We offer factory training and support.  Web Tech has a number of authorised agents both locally and internationally

Local Agents

  • Instro GP Field Services
    Unit 1/111 Mandurah Road,
    Kwinana Beach WA 6167Contact: Mr Peter McDougall
    Email: peter@instrogp.com.au
    Phone: 0499 088 945 or 08 9527 6295

International Agents

  • P.T. SEADCO Kurnia Abadi
    Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara, Golden-8 / G-33
    Gading Serpong, Tangerang 15810,
    Banten, IndonesiaContact: Mr Sasongko Purnomo
    Email: ptgentra@indosat.net.id
    Phone: +62 21 2941 8668-69-70
  • Integpro SpA
    Av. El Palomar 1100 Of. H43 – Copiapó – Chile
    Galicia 3784 – Ñuñoa – Santiago – ChileContact: Oscar Palominos
    Email: integpro@integpro.cl / web: www.integpro.cl
    Phone numbers +56 (52) 224 4444 / +56 (2) 2904 8043
  • Hosokawa Micron de México SA de CV
    Heriberto Frías 231 St.
    Col. Narvarte Delg. Benito Juárez Ciudad de México Zip 03020Contacts:
    Alfredo Martínez / General Manager – Email: amartinez@hosokawamex.com
    Angelica Almaraz / Sales and Administrative Assistant – Email: aalmaraz@hosokawamex.com
    Phone: 5286.3544 / 5286.9990 / 5286-3180

To find out more Contact us or download our Corporate Brochure.

Our Service, Installation, Operation Manuals and technical guides are free to download.

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