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Screw Weighing System

Model “SWS” Screw Weighing System

l5Web Tech AutoWeigh’s model “SWS” Screw Weighing System has been designed to be supplied as a kit, which can be retrofitted to an existing screw conveyor, or can be supplied as a complete system including the screw conveyor.

The screw conveyor system is suitable for applications where the material must be contained, particularly powder and granular materials.

Accuracies in the order of ±1.0% to ±3.0% are achievable depending on the screw conveyor design and application. The system can be used to monitor the flowrate through the conveyor or to control the screw speed to maintain a required setpoint. For pricing on a complete system, please send us details of your requirements.

Screw Weighing System Components

When supplied in kit form to be fitted to an existing screw conveyor, the standard screw weighing system kit comprises the following components:

Other items such as support legs for the flexures and load cells to suit the dimensional requirements of the installation, and calibration weights can be optionally supplied.