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A complete range of Weigh Belt Feeders, also known as weigh feeders, weigh conveyors and weigh belts are designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia including the electronic controller. These models can be customised s for most applications.

Low capacity, Low bulk density weigh belt feeder used for food, powders and granular materials

 Fully enclosed weigh belt feeder with inlet level probes and exhaust vents

Weigh belt feeders are used to control the flow of a bulk solid. Product is fed onto a weigh belt feeder through an inlet chute or pre-feed hopper as a continuous stream onto a specially designed weigh belt. Our weigh feeders use weigh quality conveyor belts, precision load cells and speed sensors. An electronic Controller or Integrator calculates the mass rate in a variety of output units  Each system is supplied with a speed sensor, calibration equipment and an electronic controller.

Using variable speed drives, the speed of the belt is varied to control the mass rate and automatically adjusts the motor speed to either increase or decrease belt speed of the weigh belt. Web Tech AutoWeigh weigh belt feeders are grouped into three categories,  custom machines can be built for special applications. The three categories are:

  • Low capacity
  • Medium capacity
  • High capacity

low capacity weigh feeder used in food, powder and granular materials in the building materials, and plastics industries.

Low Capacity Weigh Belt Feeder

Low Capacity Weigh Belt Feeders

  • Suitable for use in the food, building materials and plastics industries for powder and granular materials
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Standard inlet to discharge of 735 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm,1800 mm, 2000 mm or customised length.
  • Standard belt widths from 150 mm -1050mm
  • Capacities up to 30 m3 / hr
  • Accuracies of ±0.25% to ±0.5% subject to application and material type

Medium Capacity Weigh Feeders used in pet food, sand, clinker, gypsum, limestone, grain, cement, ores, coke industries

Medium Capacity Weigh Belt Feeder

Medium Capacity Weigh Belt Feeders

  • Used include  sand, clinker, gypsum, limestone, grain, cement, detergents, ores, petroleum coke and pet food industries
  • Mild steel powder coated construction.Stainless steel construction optional
  • Standard inlet to discharge of 1450 mm -1700 mm. Extended  versions  up to 10,000 mm
  • Standard belt widths from 300 mm -1200 mm
  • Capacities up to 250 m3 /hr
  • Accuracies of ±0.5% to ±1% subject to application and material type

High Capacity Weigh Feeder for materials difficult to contain on a flat conveyor belt, usually supplied with troughed/picking idlers

High Capacity Weigh Belt Feeders

High Capacity Weigh Belt Feeders

  • Can be  used on materials that are difficult to contain on a flat belt.
  • Mild steel powder coated heavy duty troughed belt construction.
  • Standard inlet to discharge of 3000 mm.
  • Extended versions available
  • Standard belt widths from 600 mm-1600 mm
  • Capacities up to 450 m3/hr
  • Accuracies of ±0.5% to ±1% subject to application and material type.

Custom Weigh feeders including combinations of Weigh belt, Loss in weight, screw, volumetric feeders and load cell scales

Special Applications

Special Applications

  • Specifically designed to suit a certain application,
  • Applications such as low capacity dosing, dual inlet, high temperature and many others
  • Complete turnkey design and manufacture
  • Accuracies in the order of ±0.5% to ±1% subject to application and material type
Electronic controller used for continuous product weighing and dynamic weighing systems with added Digital and Analogue I/O, PID and Inlet Chute control

Novus Controller

Material Bulk Density

Material Bulk Density

Electronic Controllers and Integrators

A range of electronic integrator s and controllers are available to be used with any model of weigh belt feeder, conveyor belt scale, screwing weighing and loss-in-weight systems.

Standard features:

  • Automatic calibration
  • Audit trail
  • Control outputs such as 4-20mA
  • In built power supply
  • IP66 reinforced polyester enclosure


  • Stainless steel enclosures and sunshades
  • Serial communications (Profibus,Profinet  DeviceNet, Ethernet IP ,Ethernet/ModbusTCP )
  • 24 or 12 or 48 VDC power supplies built in.

The model of weigh belt feeder selected depends on the application, material and layout requirements. For your material bulk density refer to the Material Bulk Density Guide.

Weigh belt feeder load cell

If you require an  estimate or advice please contact us and/or complete the Weigh Belt Feeder Application Data Sheet.

Industry Specific brochures for  Weigh Belt Feeders

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