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Industrial Lighting

Energy saving replacement LED lighting

Web Tech promotes energy saving products and can equip you with not only weighing & processing equipment to make you more efficient, but also can supply other products such as LED lighting suitable for industry.

We currently sell replacement LED for the following Industrial Lighting:

  • Mercury vapour lights/ metal Halide lights
  • Florescent tube lights

Note: Minimum quantities may apply per order.

Industrial plants like our own manufacturing facility have been utilising mercury vapour/ metal Halide lights for years.

In our case, our lights were 400 watts each, verses our replacements at 120 watts each. This was a considerable saving in our manufacturing area alone.

Led Corn lightsNot only are the savings evident, but the reduction of heat on the factory floor has also been evident.
The LED BAY lights:

  • Instant on/ off, no long warm up times
  • Fits into any E40 fitting as a direct replacement for the mercury vapor bay lighting
  • No mercury
  • Lead free
  • Beam Angle 360°
  • Wattage/sizes: 100 or 120W (to replace 400W)
  • Luminance: 1400lm+/-10%
  • Input Voltage: 100-300V
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Lower energy costs

Other sizes: 5/10/15/20/30 /40 /60/80
Lamp Holder: E40/E39/EX39/E27/E26 (depends on lamp size and availability).

A higher price per unit is compensated by the savings made in the long term.
Our LED bay lights are a clear bright light and extremely suitable for manufacturing.
Styled as a: “CORN” the light panels/ cooler are easily replaced should the need be required.

Our replacement tubes, T8 1200mm LED 65000 Lumens (equal to 18-22W, compared to the 36W Florescent tubes):
light tilted

  • Are less maintenance
  • No starters required (all types of starter must be removed before installing these tubes)
  • Direct replacement: no new fittings required. Remove the tube and starter, and then fit the LED tube
  • Steady Light instant full brightness
  • UV, Mercury, lead and phosphorous free
  • Glass bulb, total light, no reflections
  • 85-240V