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Conveyor Metal Detector

Metal detector
Web Tech AutoWeigh manufactures a conveyor metal detector known as the “MDX-1”. The “MDX-1Metal Detector is suitable for troughed or flat conveyor profiles.

The system comprises of:

  • Generator coil (engineered to the clients requirements)
  • Receiver coil (engineered to the clients requirements)
  • Electronic controller
  • Junction boxes
  • Support structure


  • The “MDX-1” detector utilises dual pulsed eddy current technology, which is more stable and sensitive compared to standard type detectors
  • Can be used on both synthetic and steel corded belts
  • Heavy duty design to reduce the risk of vibration causing “phantom trips”
  • Options such as flag markers and belt splice detectors can also be supplied
  • Outputs to activate the marker, stop the conveyor or operate an electro-magnet are standard

Metal detector with troughed belt conveyor

Installed equipment and options

Metal Detector Coils

Metal detector and electronic controller combination
Metal detector coil supports utilise the latest in durable materials, enabling it to withstand the harshest of environments. Extra supports eliminate “phantom trips”. Metal detector coils are fabricated to suit any conveyor width and conveyor profile.

(Optional) Metal Detector Marker Systems

Custom marker system
The MDX-1 metal detector can be supplied with optional burden marking systems including “flag” and “spray” types.

(Optional) Metal Detector Belt Splice Detector

Belt splice detector
As an option we can supply a proximity type Belt splice detector. This will allow belt splices to pass through without triggering the detector.

Electronic Integrator

MDX-1 electronic integrator
Web Tech AutoWeigh also designs and manufactures a specific metal detector electronic integrator/controller.

Standard features:

  • Outputs to activate the marker, stop the conveyor or operate an electro-magnet
  • In-built power supply
  • Incorporates integral keypad for all programming. All information is displayed on a backlit LCD display
  • IP66 reinforced polyester enclosure

Options available include:

  • Stainless steel enclosure""
  • Sunshade




Should you require a proposal from us for any application you may have, please complete as much of our Metal Detector Application Data Sheet as is known, and we would be pleased to provide our recommendations.

Web Tech also supply conveyor belt scales which are often used where a metal detector is required.

Metal detector in use in the coal industry