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Loss-In-Weight (LIW) Feeders

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A specialist designer and manufacturer of continuous feeders and control systems for the dry material handling industry.In dry materials handling, the physical properties of the material directly affect the efficiency of the processing equipment, which ultimately affects the quality of the end product.With over 30 years of experience with a wide range of material feeding applications, from powders to specialized equipment for hard to handle fibrous materials Web Tech AutoWeigh designs and manufactures a complete range of loss-in-weight and gain–in-weight feeders.

These incude  Screw, vibratory and belt types.

Loss-in-weight feeders can be used for a wide range of applications; the accuracy and model required depends on:

  • Material flow characteristics
  • Material bulk density
  • Material pre-feed
  • Particle size
  • Moisture content
  • Material aeration
  • Plant layout

View a material bulk density chart here

Loss In Weight Controller used for Loss In Weight Screw, Vibratory and belt feeders

Loss In Weight Controller

LIW Integrator

LIW Material Bulk Density
Material Bulk Density 

A  medium capacity single screw Loss In Weight feeder with a 200 litre conical extension hopper in mild steel painted finish, also available  in stainless steelScrew Type LIW Feeder 

Vibratory Loss in Weight FeedersVibratory volumetric  or loss In weight  feeders cross section showing material vibration and discharge

Belt Type LIW FeedersA  conveyor or feeder belt type loss in weight, with the controller weigh belt and weigh platform fully enclosed-used for the plasterboard industry

Loss-In-Weight /Gain-in-Weight Feeder Categories

Loss­-in-weight feeders are supplied for the following application types:

  • Loss-­In-Weight -Continuous
  • Loss-In-­Weight-Batching
  • Gain-In-­Weight-Batching

Loss-In-Weight Screw feeders

* Accuracies of ±0.25% to ±0.5%.

Vibratory Loss-In-Weight Feeders

* Accuracies  of ±0.25% to ±0.5%.

Belt Type Loss-In-Weight Feeders

When a product cannot be fed through a screw or vibratory type feeder due to particle size or damage to the product, a belt type feeder can be a suitable alternative

Special Applications

Apart from standard designs, Loss-In-Weight feeders are designed and manufactured for “special” applications, if standard designs are not suitable.

A view of  multiple loss-in-weight feeders in a cluster showing the feed hoppers and flexible discharge setup

* Volumetric type feeders can also be upgraded to loss-in-weight type if an increase in accuracy is required.

The model of loss-in-weight feeder required depends on the material properties, application, and plant layout requirements.

Interested in  Loss In Weight?  complete our Loss-In-Weight Feeder Application Data Sheet

We also offer and recommend in-house testing of your product before advising the best solution.

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