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Kistler Morse


Web Tech has been associated with Kistler Morse since 1984 and we continue to sell and provide on going service and support, to not only our direct customers, but users that have acquired Kistler Morse products elsewhere.

We have 30 years of product knowledge and product innovation.

Web Tech can also supply a complete range of “Kistler Morse Weigh Indicators

KM 30 MicrocellThe original, second generation, single-axis, bolt-on strain gauge sensor. Used for measuring the material in a wide range of bulk storage vessels.

When Microcells are bolted on to a vessel support member, it converts the vessel into a weighing system. There is no need to empty the vessel or take it out of production to install or service.

These are usually available in stock and can be used with a Web Tech Level Controller or a Kistler Morse Weight indicators, along with a specific Kistler Morse Junction PCB housed in a IP66 Junction box.

Load Disc Load Cell

Model LD3 and LD360

  • KM LD3 Load DiscThe LD3 Load Disc Compression Load Cell

    Continuously measures the weight of material for in-process and bulk storage vessels. The LD3 is suitable for a wide range of applications from dry, solid material measurement to high-pressure wash (down, corrosive or submerged environments.)

  • KM LD360LD360 Load Disc Compression Load Cell

    Designed specifically for SIP/CIP *applications Its smooth sealed exterior minimizes food traps making it the first choice with bio-pharm., pharmaceutical and food and beverage manufacturers where process risks are highest and costly downtime must be avoided.

Food grade stainless steel and watertight cabling

Capacities: • 1,000 to 25,000 lbs
• (454 to 11,340 kg)
Accuracy: • 0.08%
Material: • Stainless Steel Food Grade
Function: • Silo, Tank, Hopper, Conveyor
Mounting Options: • Compression
Rating: • NEMA-6P; IP68 5 Bar; 70 psi

*Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) are systems designed for automatic cleaning and disinfecting without major disassembly and assembly work

KM LD3xiLD3xi Load Disc Compression Load Cell

  • Common features to LD360
  • Features higher accuracies of 0.03%
  • Smaller-capacity Load Disc
  • Capacities: 220-5,500 lbs(100-2500 kg.)
  • Optional watertight cabling system

LD3xi Load Disc Compression Load Cell

Features a tough “cage” mounting fixture into which the stainless steel 3xi load cell securely locks in place. The cage isolates the load cell from any tank expansion,
The 3xi load cell can be installed before or after the tank is mounted onto the fixture, providing more flexibility in mounting procedures and field replacement
KM LD 3xic

Capacities: • 220 to 22,000 lbs
• (100 to 10,000 kg)
Accuracy: • 0.03%
Material: • 17-4 Stainless Steel
Function: • Silo, Tank, Hopper, Conveyor
Mounting Options: • Compression
Approvals: • OIML
Environmental Rating: • IP68

Web Tech hold stock of the original Load Disc 1, 2 D42 (limited sizes)

Load stand II

A system for weighing large vessels which becomes an integral part of your vessel structure for rugged, maintenance free, weight measurements, with full IBC wind and seismic ratings. The sensing elements (4 mini bolt-on strain gauge sensors) are field replaceable without taking the vessel out of service.

KM Loadstand II

Capacities: • 25,000 to 1,000,000 lbs
• (11,000 to 453,000 kg)
Accuracy: • 0.2%
Material: • Mild Steel (Epoxy Enamel Coated)
Function: • Silo, Tank
Mounting Options: • Compression
Hazardous Area: • Factory Mutual
Building Code Approvals: • IBC Wind and Seismic Ratings

Web Tech hold stock of the original Load Stand I sensors and Load Stand II sensors including replacement environmental covers to suit all sizes(diameter)