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Web Tech AutoWeigh can provide an equipment reconditioning and equipment retrofit service.  We can replace, retrofit or upgrade most Belt Weighers, Weigh Feeders, Loss in weight and Volumetric Feeders including the Electronic Controllers/ integrators for most equipment supplied by others.
Weigh Belt Feeders

Weigh Belt Feeders

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Retrofit for a Weigh Belt Feeder:

  • Supply and install new geared motor and bearings
  • Replace pulleys if required
  • Supply and install new load cells and associated weigh platform
  • Supply and install new load cell and speed sensor junction boxes
  • Supply a suitable controller in IP66 RFP or optional SS enclosure
  • Optional communication systems
  • Supply and install new weigh quality belt
  • Automatic Belt tensioning
  • Supply calibration chains
  • Re-calibrate to customer application
  • Provide onsite calibration, supervision and assistance with installation
  • Optional ongoing maintenance services

equi2    equi1

Belt ScaleBelt Scale

Electronic  Controller
Electronic Controller

MW7Retrofit for a Belt Weigher or Conveyor Belt Scale can include the supply of all or some of the following:

Cal Chain 1

 4.xSpeed sensor LinkSpeed Sensor li401-num
Retrofit /Replacement of a Bin Weighing System can include:

  • Resizing and replacing load cells
  • Junction Boxes
  • New updated and easy to use, Bin Level Controller or weight integrator
  • Optional communication systems
  • Calibration and maintenance services
 7.Bin Level WeighingBin level weighing Retro fit pic 8Other Retrofit services also include the supply of:

  • Weigh Platforms
  • Electronic controllers
  • Kit s for existing conveyors
  • Screw weighing systems
  • Augers
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