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Electronic Integrators and Weight Indicators

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electronic integrators and weight indicatorsWeb Tech AutoWeigh designs and manufactures its own range of electronic integrators and controllers that can be used with all models and brands of:
typical integrator keypad

  • Conveyor belt scales, weightometers
  • Weigh belt feeders, weigh conveyors, weigh belts
  • Weighing screw feeders
  • Loss in weight feeders
  • Check weighers
  • Conveyor metal detectors
  • Load cells/strain gauges (full bridge and half bridge)
  • Hopper, silo and tank weighing

Each model of Web Tech’s electronic integrators has different features and options.

Standard features:
Electronic controller sunshade

  • Automatic calibration
  • Audit trail
  • Remote setpoint
  • Control outputs such as 4-20mA rate output, total output
  • Refill alarm
  • Deviation alarm and hopper low level alarm.
  • In built power supply 110/240 volt AC
  • 50/60 Hz
  • IP66/Nema4X reinforced polyester enclosure

Options Include:

  • PID control (standard in some models)
  • RS 485/232
  • Serial communications (Profibus, DeviceNet & Ethernet/Modbus TCP )
  • Stainless steel enclosures: 304 or 316
  • Sunshades: stainless steel or polyester available
  • 12/24/48 volt DC power supplies

MasterWeigh Electronics History

service 1Web Tech developed the first of it’s electronic integrators and the first Australian designed microprocessor embedded control board over 25 years ago, combining mass rate monitoring and rate control for conveyor belt scales and weigh feeders. This was the start of the Masterweigh range of integrators.

Since the development of the first Masterweigh, there have been more than 5000 sold worldwide.

In the USA and South America they were sold as an OEM package and used primarily for belt scales and weigh belt feeder control. These units were known as:

CST/AutoWeigh (Milltronics) (Modesto CA. USA)

  • “Micro 6”/“T144 SE”/“T144 M” (Masterweigh 1)
  • “Micro 7” (Masterweigh 5)

SE & M (Systems Engineering & Manufacturing)
3.PCB overlay JPG

  • “MPC 110”/“MPC 200”/“MPC 300” (Masterweigh 1, 3, 5)


  • “PM1000” (Masterweigh 5)

Web Tech can still offer repairs/parts or exchange systems for these units.

The current Masterweigh® range consists of:

Masterweigh 6 electronic integrator

Masterweigh 6

MasterWeigh 6 (MW6)

– replacing Masterweigh 1, 3 & 5
– Used for belt scales, check weighers and fixed speed conveyor belt control.

Masterweigh 7 electronic controller

Masterweigh 7

MasterWeigh 7 (MW7)

– Replaces Masterweigh 1
– Used for weigh belt feeders requiring variable speed.


Used for belt scales, check weighers, weigh belt feeders and with many options not found in most current models. The Novus is suitable for in-motion and continuous weighing and includes options for most remote communications.

Optimus electronic integrator


Masterweigh Optimus

– replacing Masterweigh 1 & 2.
The Optimus model is used for belt scales, weigh belt feeders and also has many options not found in most current models. It is used mainly for non-standard high accuracy continuous weighing applications with specific requirements. Options include modern remote communications.

Optimus Plus electronic controller

Optimus Plus

Optimus Plus

With all the features of the Optimus, the Optimus Plus is our top of the range controller and is suitable for conveyor scales, loss in weight and other non-standard high accuracy applications. This unit is designed for applications requiring stability and precision.


Level Weight Indicators and Displays

Web Tech manufacture its own range of level indicators for bin weighing and other monitoring applications.

Our models “LI401” level controller, is a digital weight indicator that can be used with either half bridge sensors/strain gauges or conventional full bridge load cells. Features such as 4-20mA outputs and high and low set point relay outputs are standard, and options such as serial communications are available.

Repair, Service, Parts and Exchange Units

Web tech offer a repair service, parts and exchange units for most of our older model controllers.

All of Web Tech’s electronic integrators and level indicators are made and designed in Australia.

All our Masterweigh®, Novus® and Optimus® products have been or are used to replace/upgrade existing older or current USA, European, NZ and other Australian brands due to the Masterweigh features: ease of use, reliability and availability of spare parts.

Web Tech offer discounts for trade-ins and multiple replacements.

We also welcome OEM scale manufacturer’s enquiries.
Level Indicator Range

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