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Weigh Quality Idlers

Inline Idler - Copy

In most conveyor belt scale applications it is essential that inline weigh quality idlers are used.

These idlers are custom built to suit your conveyor application, as inline idlers with balanced rolls reduce vibration and increase accuracy.

Jacking screws are also added to assist with onsite levelling.  Levelling ensures that the product is in a stable state as it passes over the belt scale, thus ensuring the best possible accuracy from the belt scale.

Optional cam adjusters are also available.

 idler 1

The total amount of weigh quality idlers depends on the accuracy required and the belt scale model chosen. Two sets of weigh quality idlers should also be used in both the approach and retreat to the weigh area. The figure below shows an example of this where the weigh area comprises two sets of weigh quality idlers and there are six in total.

layout 1 - Copy

Weigh Quality Idler Specifcations

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