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Speed Sensors

Speed Sensors

A range of speed sensors/encoders is available to accommodate most applications requiring a frequency output.

This can include any brand of conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeder, loss-in-weight feeders and other conveyor applications.

The range available includes:

  • Digital rotary shaft encoders (Tachometers)
  • Magnetic pick-up sensors
  • Proximity switch sensors
  • Speed sensor Spiral Pulleys for conveyor belt scales
  • Trailing arm speed sensors for conveyor belt scales

Digital Rotary Shaft Encoder or Speed Sensor (WXT)

Stainless steel speed sensor mounted on the tail pulley of a conveyor monitoring  the belt speed of a conveyor, belt scale or weigh feeder

Model shown is the heavy duty WXT tachometer/encoder commonly used for conveyor belts scales, heavy duty weigh feeders and conveyors.

This encoder is available in the following models or pulses per revolution.

Other speeds can be made to order.

  • 100 PPR
  • 200 PPR
  • 500 PPR
  • 1000 PPR
  • 2000 PPR
  • 10,000 PPR

An Australian made stainless-steel heavy-duty speed sensor or tachometer for monitoring the belt speed of conveyors, weight belts and screw weighing systems

The WXT heavy-duty stainless-steel encoder is designed to be connected to a non-driven pulley (usually the tail pulley) and is also used for belt scale speed sensing with a self-cleaning spiral pulley or Trailing Arm and with screw weighing systems.

The speed sensor produces a square wave output, the frequency of which is proportional to the actual belt or auger speed. The encoder can measure minute changes in speed caused by varying loadings or through put

The encoder can also be used as a belt rip detector/ belt splice detector and under speed sensor.

This Digital Rotary Shaft Encoder or Speed Sensor (WXT)  also can be used if a replacement is required for your Ramsey™ 60-12 Digital Belt Speed Sensor, other belt speed indicators/sensors including those speed sensors attached to speed or trailing arms used to measure the belt speed on conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeders and conveyors.

This unit is made in Australia and is usually an ex-stock item.

Digital Shaft Encoder or Speed Sensor (PXT)

A Digital Shaft Encoder or Speed Sensor  used for belt speed measurement of weigh belts  or weigh conveyors and feeders

Commonly used for light to medium duty weigh belt feeders, suitable for food grade applications.
A low temperature version and custom sizes are available for special applications.

a digital encoder or speed sensor mounted on the tail pulley of a weigh conveyor or weigh belt feeder


Magnetic Pick-Up Belt Speed Sensors

A belt scale idler frame showing the position of the magnetic pick up belt speed sensor on the idler roll and the junction box location

On conveyor belt scale applications where access to a pulley is difficult, a stainless-steel magnetic pick-up and associated sprocket can be supplied. The size of the sprocket is matched to the size of the idler roll and attached to a roll adjacent to the weigh frame.

The magnetic pick-up senses the speed of the sprocket teeth on the idler roll to determine the belt speed.

Proximity Switch & Pulley Mounted Targets.

A proximity style belt speed sensor used for some belt scale applications mounted to a tail pulley

A proximity switch in certain approved applications can be supplied with an associated target ring which can be installed onto the tail pulley.

Spiral Pulley

A self-cleaning system for Conveyor Belt Scales runs under the conveyor belt. This system is available using a digital encoder or proximity switch sensor.

The spiral pulley can be mounted anywhere before or after the weigh quality idlers.

Available in mild steel galvanised or stainless-steel.

A spiral pulley mounted on a conveyor stringer with a stainless-steel speed sensor

Trailing Arm

Used with conveyor belt scales and includes the stainless-steel digital encoder and attachment arm.

A trailing arm speed sensor for belt speed monitoring attached to a single idler conveyor belt scale

Speed Sensor Junction Boxes

Speed sensors are supplied with most belt scale systems with various termination junction boxes to suit the application. The junction boxes are manufactured from ABS material, rated for IP66.

An internal PCB Termination Board with a Multiplier used when a speed sensor requires a higher than standard pulse per revolution

PCB Termination Board with Multiplier

Standard PCB Termination Board – the configuration varies according to the method of belt speed sensor used

PCB Termination Board – Through Terminals

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