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Speed Sensors

Web Tech AutoWeigh provides a range of speed sensors/encoders to accommodate most applications requiring a frequency output.

This typically includes any brand of conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeders, loss-in-weight feeders and many other applications. We can retrofit most systems.

Our range includes:

  • Web Tech stainless steel rotary shaft encoders
  • Magnetic pick-up sensors
  • Proximity switch sensors
  • Specialised speed sensor spiral pulleys for conveyor belt scales incorporating digital encoders, or proximity switch sensors
  • “Trailing arm” speed sensors for conveyor belt scales incorporating digital encoders

Digital Encoders

Digital encoder speed sensorsUsed for conveyor belt scales, weigh belt feeders, loss-in-weight feeders, and suitable for other applications. It produces a square wave output, the frequency of which is proportional to the speed.

The encoder is available in the following models:

  • 100 PPR
  • 500 PPR

For applications requiring higher frequencies, an additional pulse multiplier board may be supplied. This board is located in a special speed sensor junction box or can be supplied as an internal part of the WXT heavy duty Speed sensor.

This allows the pulses from the standard encoder to be multiplied X1, X2 or X4.

Our models include:


WXT speed sensor

A heavy-duty stainless steel speed sensor commonly used on conveyor belt scales and heavy duty weigh belt feeders.


PXT Contour1

Commonly used for light duty weigh belt feeders, suitable for food grade applications.
A low temperature version is available for special applications.

Digital encoder

Part Numbers

The part number(s) for the encoder includes the PPR output of the encoder.

The typical Part No. is “WXT-XXX” where “XXX” equals PPR.

Therefore a 100 PPR encoder would have the P/No. “WXT-100”.

Magnetic Pick-up Sensors

Application: Conveyor Belt Scales

Magnetic pick-up speed sensors
Conveyor belt scale applications utilize a weld on bracket and bolt-on sprocket, which is matched to the size of the roll. A specific junction box is also available.

Proximity Switch & Pulley Mounted Targets.

proximity style speed sensor
Application: Conveyor Belt Scales

This arrangement includes a weld on target assembly that sits inside the tail pulley. The system can be installed without removing the bearings.

Proximity sensors are also used as belt splice detectors for our Metal Detectors.

“Spirodrive” Spiral Pulley

Application: Conveyor Belt Scales

A self-cleaning system that runs under the conveyor belt. This system is available using a digital encoder or proximity switch sensor.

Web Tech can also offer custom replacement spiral pulleys up to 300 mm diameter.
spiral pulley speed sensors

Trailing Arm

Application: Conveyor Belt Scales

Generally used with budget belt scales. Includes a wheel and digital encoder.
trailing arm speed sensors

Speed Sensor Junction Boxes

Speed sensors can be supplied with various junction boxes to suit the application. The junction boxes are manufactured from ABS material, rated for IP66. The type of termination boards available includes either the standard through connections, or multiplier/divider circuit type. Termination boards that include provision for “pull-up” resistors when using proximity switches are also available.

PCB Termination Board with Multiplier

PCB Termination Board with Multiplier

PCB Termination Board – Through Terminals

PCB Termination Board – Through Terminals

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