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Special Application Belt Scales / Belt Weighers

Web Tech AutoWeigh manufacture a range of special application belt scales to suit any application. Weigh frames are specifically built to suit the application.


special application belt scales



The model “WTMS1” is a “process” type conveyor belt scale in terms of achievable accuracy, however it is one of Web Tech’s special application belt scales as it is designed to suit suspended type idlers used in mine structure type conveyors.

Accuracies in the order of ±1.0% are achievable. Standard idlers are modified to weigh quality standards and are suspended by a dual load cell conveyor belt scale weighframe.

As there are many types of mine structure and idlers available, the model “WTMS1” weigh frames are specifically built to suit the application.

  • Available to suit virtually all belt widths
  • The belt scale weigh frame can be supplied in either galvanised mild steel, or stainless steel construction

This system is supplied with a speed sensor, calibration equipment and electronic integrator.

It is advisable to replace the existing idlers with weigh quality idlers.

“Sanki” Type Belt Scales

sanki type belt scale
Another special application conveyor belt scale design is our model “WTE Sanki”. This Belt scale has been designed to fit into “modular” type conveyors.

Conveyor/Belt Scale applications

Web Tech can design and manufacture the complete weigh conveyor and belt scale combination to achieve the best accuracy for your application.

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