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Calibration Equipment

Web Tech AutoWeigh offers a comprehensive range of calibration solutions depending on specific requirements.

Many of our systems are now suitable when manual lifting of weights is a Work Place Health and Safety issue, or where the weight required makes manual handling impossible.

We can retrofit any scale of any brand with the chosen method of calibration.

Easy to use calibration equipment includes:

  • In-Situ weights
  • Billet weights
  • Under slung weights
  • Calibration Chains
  • Calibration Trains
  • Calibration bars

In Situ Weights

6.1 In situ Weights 1

Easy to lift “In-Situ” weights eliminate the need to lift a large number of weights onto the weigh area during calibration. Effective in areas where access may be difficult.

Available in single and dual lift configurations.

6.1 In situ Weights 2


6.2.Calibration BarDepending on the load required, we supply a number of different length calibration bars to suit your Belt scale.


6.3 Billet Weight 1

Calibration Equipment
For convenience, speed and safety, the easy to lift calibration “billet” weight system can be used on Web Tech AutoWeigh belt scales.

  • Used for belt scales requiring a large quantity of weight to simulate loadings
  • These systems can also be easily retrofitted to other belt scale manufacturers
  • Simply wind up or down with a jacking bolt

Under slung

WTS4 With Overcentre Calibration
The “under slung” set of calibration weights is another easy to lift calibration solution. These systems are often used where there is not enough room inside the belt scale or under the idlers.

  • Can be used on Web Tech AutoWeigh belt scales
  • Easily retrofitted to other belt scale manufacturers
  • A cam lifting mechanism is operated with a lever to lift or lower the weights
  • Optional gearbox upgrade is also offered for ease of use


6.5.Cal Chain 2For extremely heavy applications Web Tech can supply a roller chain configuration to simulate the belt loading.

These are winched on and off the conveyor in a controlled manner without the use of a crane.

6.5 Cal Chain 1.

Cal Chain 1

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