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Bulk Bag Unloader


Bulk Bag Unloaders & Bulk Bag Discharge Systems

Web Tech AutoWeigh manufactures a range of bulk bag unloading systems:

  • Suitable for all bag types
  • Available in a number of configurations including overhead hoist and forklift frames
  • Can also be supplied with our volumetric, loss in weight, weigh belt feeders or retrofit other systems

Additional features can include:

  • Surge hoppers
  • Bag massagers
  • Pinch bar cut-off

The factory assembled Web-Tech Bulk Bag Unloader is designed to quickly discharge the contents of a bulk bag, safe and dust free when used in conjunction with an approved dust collection system.

Once loaded into the unit, the bulk bag may be safely untied and discharged to the next step in the process. The unit provides bag bottom massaging to ensure that material moves towards the primary channel of flow.

b3The Web-Tech Bulk Bag Discharge System provides a simple, robust, modular design which ensures excellent dust containment and a trouble free operation. The bulk bag sits on a welded support dish providing the first level of dust protection by creating a seal from its own weight. The mass flow designed receiving hopper is integral to the support dish, thereby eliminating other areas which can leak dust.

The multi-tier system can easily be changed from forklift loading to hoist and trolley. The modular design, with a round hopper transition, lends itself to tremendous flexibility when conditions warrant a change in outlet position or hopper configurations.

All systems are designed to provide reliable flow of material, once out of the bag. This eliminates bridging and rat holing, which contribute to material degradation and flow problems.


b2Massage System – The massage system features powerful air cylinders with a calculated stroke to provide vigorous agitation for sluggish materials.

Each massager incorporates sturdy guide rods to keep the paddles from twisting during use.

Ports for connection to an existing dust collector system or an integrated dust collector are available.

The advantages of using Web Tech AutoWeigh equipment are:

  • Designed and manufactured in-house to ensure timely delivery and consistent quality
  • Standard models for many applications
  • Can be supplied with optional Volumetric, Loss in weight or Weigh Belt Feeders as a complete system
  • Spare parts locally available

Should you require a proposal from us for any application you may have, please complete as much of our “Bulk Bag Unloader Application Data Sheet” as is known or contact us.

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