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A silo or storage bin showing typical structure A structure showing mounting position of a bolt on microcell. This is a half bridge strain gauge used when mounting of conventional load cells is not possible

Web Tech AutoWeigh can supply a complete range of equipment for:

  • Bin Weighing
  • Level Weighing
  • Static Weighing
  • Bulk Weighing
  • Continuous Weighing
  • Load Cells & Complete Load Cell Weighing Systems

The core or basis of any weighing system is the load cell. Load cells are transducers, designed to sense force, strain or weight under a wide range of conditions. They are an essential part of an electronic weighing system. The correct load cell or strain gauge module is selected based on individual applications. Selection is based on cost, location, accuracy, type of weighing or sensing required and application. Maintenance, care and regular calibration of load cell based systems are essential for longevity and required accuracy outcomes.

Web-Tech manufactures level indicators and supplies a wide range of load cells, bolt-on sensors and other electronic indicators and batching systems, either manufactured by us or sourced from other suppliers.

Including  Rice Lake Weighing Systems, Hardy Instruments  and Kistler-Morse.

A “Bin Weighing & Level Application Data Sheet” is available to send to us for a proposal.The  advantages of using Web Tech AutoWeigh, Rice Lake or Kistler Morse weighing equipment are:

  • Standard models for many applications
  • Simple installation
  • Installation kits can be provided
  • Service and installation of systems available
  • Spare parts of items manufactured here are usually locally available
  • Quick delivery for standard load cell and bolt on systems
  • Electronics suitable for half bridge and full bridge systems
  • Specialized IP66/Nema 4X junction boxes
  • Electronic Indicators are inclusive of enclosure, power supply and analogue output (4-20mA)
  • Options for serial communications such as Profibus, Device Net, Ethernet & Modbus
  • Optional 304 and 316 stainless steel enclosures
  • Optional sunshade to suit any indicator including those from other manufacturers

Kistler Morse Bolt on & Load cells

Kistler Morse
Bolt on & Load cells

Bolt-On Type Systems

Kistler Morse Model M30 Microcell

Kistler Morse MIcrocell Strain Gauge The original, second generation, (microcell) single-axis, bolt -on -strain gauge sensor.

Suitable for measuring materials in a wide range of bulk storage vessels. When Microcells are bolted onto a vessel support member, it converts the vessel into a weighing system. No need to empty the vessel or take it out of production to install or service.

These are usually available ex stock and can be used with Web Tech Level Controllers or Kistler Morse Weight indicators, and a specific Load Cell  Junction Box configured for the application.

Web Tech Level Indicators

A model 401 level indicator suitable for all types of load cell weighing Web Tech Autoweigh has been designs and manufactures  level controllers for  bin weighing and level systems. Current model is

These level controllers are digital and analogue weight indicators that can be used with either half bridge sensors and strain gauges or conventional full bridge load cells.

Features such as 4-20mA outputs and high and low set point relay outputs are standard, and options such as serial communications are available on some models.


Rice Lake
Load cell Weigh Modules

Rice lake weight indicators & controllers

Rice Lake Weight Indicators & Controllers

Load Cell Systems

Where higher accuracies are required, Web Tech AutoWeigh can supply load cell based systems. There are a number of types of load cells and associated mounting hardware available, depending on the capacity of the bin.

  • Single ended shear beam load cells are typically used where each support capacity is less than 10 tonnes
  • Dual ended shear beam load cells can be used where each support capacity is less than 70 tonnes

Should you wish to find out more you can download the Rice Lake Load cell guide.


Rice Lake offers load cells in an array of capacities, materials and functions, and has over 50,000 load cells in stock.  Delivery of most items within 2 weeks, with several types of Load cells available ex stock.

RL900Web Tech AutoWeigh offers a comprehensive range of Load cells and Load cell Weigh Modules from several sources to suit most applications.

One of our most popular load cells is the Rice Lake model “RL9000” low profile compression load cell. It is available with capacities up to 200 tonnes, and is manufactured from stainless steel. It is also available in a high temperature version.

KM LD360Kistler Morse offers specialised strain gauges and load cells including Load Stands with field replaceable strain gauges and specialised cells for wash down and submersible applications (Load Disc).

Web Tech also offers a selection of specialised Load cells. We can also supply most other brands of load cells including:

  • Rice Lake
  • BLH
  • Flintec
  • HBM
  • Interface
  • Celtron
  • Tedea-Huntleigh
  • Sensortonics
  • Revere Transducers
  • PT: Precision Transducers
  • Kelba
  • RTI

If you are unable to find the load cell you are looking for, we will endeavor to either source it for you or find a suitable substitute.

Web Tech will design your Bin Weighing and Level System with the most suited load cell or strain gauge and ensure it is designed for your specific application.

We have over 30 years of experience in designing and consulting in systems for level control in all processing and bulk solids industries.

If you require a proposal from us for any application you may have, please complete as much of our “Bin Weighing & Level Application Data Sheet” as is known, contact us and we can provide our recommendations.

With many years of technical experience behind us, Web tech AutoWeigh will ensure the best results for your proposed system.

We can also advise or retrofit older systems or systems that are no longer performing to expectations.

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