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A Low Capacity Weigh Belt Feeder-open construction which is part of the range of Weigh Belt Feeders, (weigh feeders, weigh conveyors, weigh belts) designed, engineered and manufactured by Web-Tech AutoWeigh in Australia. Manufactured in stainless steel this model weigh feeder is used in the food, pharmaceutical, building materials and plastics industries for powder and granular materials. Standard inlet to discharge is 735 mm, 1200 mm,1400 mm ,1500 mm,1800 mm, 2000 mm or customised length, belt widths from 150 mm -1050mm.

Weigh Belt Feeders

An illustration of a dual idler 4 loadcell Conveyor Belt Scale. This is a heavier duty Web Tech AutoWeigh belt scale used primarily in mining and heavier duty product processing Used where accuracies from single weigh idler or cheaper belt scales are not achievable or due to the specification or prevailing site conditions . This category is popular in the gold processing industry. Suitable for Conveyor belt widths 450-2400 mm. Picture depicts the model using Calibration bars for verifying the weight of the continuous product.  This spacings. belt scale is galvanised, optional stainless steel is also possible for sizes up to 1400mm. Available with 1000, 1200 and 1500-mm weigh idler spacings.

Conveyor Belt Scales

 A Conveyor Belt Metal Detector MDX-1 with drop flag marker which indicates the tramp metal on the conveyor when the unit is actuated by an alarm generated from the Metal Detector Controller. This unit Outputs to activate the marker and to stop the conveyor

Metal Detection

Electronic Integrators  & Weight indicators

Electronic Integrators & Weight indicators

Speed sensors & Junction Boxes

Speed Sensors & Junction Boxes

Volumetric Feeders-Screw type

Volumetric Feeders – Screw type

Volumetric Feeders-vibratory and belt type

Volumetric Feeders – Vibratory and Belt Type


Loss In Weight – Screw Type

vibe LIW

Loss In Weight – Vibratory/Belt Type

Load cell and bin level weighing

Load Cells & Bin Weighing

Rice Lake

Rice Lake

Kistler Morse

Kistler Morse

bulk bag

Bulk Bag Unloader

check weighing

Check Weighing



Equipment Retrofit

Equipment Retrofit & Upgrades

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals


Other Products

Online Shop

Online Shop

Web Tech AutoWeigh offers a comprehensive range of Continuous Weighing, Feeding, Volumetric, Loss in Weight, Vibratory, Bin Weighing & Metal Detection equipment. Some of the more common industries and products we have been involved with are listed below:

  • Food Processing & Pet foods
  • Sugar Processing & Refineries
  • Woodchips & Tobacco
  • Chemical Products, Washing Powders, Plastics & Glass Manufacture
  • Building Products Including Cement, Plasterboard, Gyprock, Bricks & Tiles
  • Quarry Products Including Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone & Asphalt Aggregate
  • Mining Applications Such as Coal Extraction & Processing, Power Generation, Limestone, Salt & Mineral Sands
  • Iron and Steel
  • Gold Extraction & Processing, Zinc Processing
  • Ship Loading, Train Loading & Wheat Storage
  • Aluminum Extraction & Processing

Web Tech AutoWeigh Electronic Controller and Integrator range includes:

  • Weigh Feeder Controllers & Conveyor Belt Scale Integrators
  • Loss in Weight Controllers
  • Bin Weighing Indicators including RiceLake Weighing Indicators
  • Metal Detection

Web Tech AutoWeigh Electronic Controllers and Integrators are commonly supplied with:

  • New or Existing Equipment
  • Retrofitted to Older Equipment
  • Other Branded systems
  • OEM requirements
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