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Weigh Belt Feeders

Belt scales

Conveyor Belt Scales


Metal Detection

Electronic Integrators  & Weight indicators

Electronic Integrators & Weight indicators

Speed sensors & Junction Boxes

Speed Sensors & Junction Boxes


Volumetric Feeders-Screw type

Volumetric Feeders – Screw type

Volumetric Feeders-vibratory and belt type

Volumetric Feeders – Vibratory and Belt Type


Loss In Weight – Screw Type

vibe LIW

Loss In Weight – Vibratory/Belt Type

Load cell and bin level weighing

Load Cells & Bin Weighing


Rice Lake

Rice Lake

Kistler Morse

Kistler Morse

bulk bag

Bulk Bag Unloader

check weighing

Check Weighing



Equipment Retrofit

Equipment Retrofit & Upgrades

Equipment Rentals

Equipment Rentals


Other Products

Online Shop

Online Shop


Web Tech AutoWeigh offers a comprehensive range of Continuous Weighing, Feeding, Volumetric, Loss in Weight, Vibratory, Bin Weighing & Metal Detection equipment. Some of the more common industries and products we have been involved with are listed below:

  • Food Processing & Pet foods
  • Sugar Processing & Refineries
  • Woodchips & Tobacco
  • Chemical Products, Washing Powders, Plastics & Glass Manufacture
  • Building Products Including Cement, Plasterboard, Gyprock, Bricks & Tiles
  • Quarry Products Including Sand, Gravel, Crushed Stone & Asphalt Aggregate
  • Mining Applications Such as Coal Extraction & Processing, Power Generation, Limestone, Salt & Mineral Sands
  • Iron and Steel
  • Gold Extraction & Processing, Zinc Processing
  • Ship Loading, Train Loading & Wheat Storage
  • Aluminum Extraction & Processing

Web Tech AutoWeigh Electronic Controller and Integrator range includes:

  • Weigh Feeder Controllers & Conveyor Belt Scale Integrators
  • Loss in Weight Controllers
  • Bin Weighing Indicators including RiceLake Weighing Indicators
  • Metal Detection

Web Tech AutoWeigh Electronic Controllers and Integrators are commonly supplied with:

  • New or Existing Equipment
  • Retrofitted to Older Equipment
  • Other Branded systems
  • OEM requirements
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