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Heavy Duty Check Weighing Systems

Web Tech can manufacture and supply Heavy Duty Check Weighing Systems suitable for weighing bags. Other check weighing systems are also available.

Our system utilizes the powerful Rice Lake RL920i Electronic Controller with application specific software.

An industrial type check-weigher conveyor weighing bags of cement

An industrial type check weigher weighing bags of cement

Rice Lake 920i programmable dynamic weigh controller configured as a check weiger

Rice Lake 920i programmable weigh controller

Brochure Rice Lake 920i

  • Weigh Platform for conveyor check weigher

    Weigh Deck-Check weigher

    Inspects for under/over weight bags

  • Acquisition of production data
  • Transmission of weights
  • Networking available
  • Powered Lead in conveyor available
  • Capacities from 50 Kg
  • Min and max settings for different bag sizes
  • Precision Load cells
  • Weight range 10-50kg
  • Preset under/over values
  • Reject relay if bag is out of tolerance
  • Max speed 16 bags per minute 1000 per hour
  • Optional variable speed

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