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Web Tech AutoWeigh designs and manufactures its own range of electronic integrators and controllers that can be used with all of our loss in weight feeders. Our standard model for loss in weight applications is the model “Optimus Plus” controller.

Features such as:

  • Automatic calibration
  • Serial communications
  • 64 x 240 pixel graphics LCD
  • Control outputs for refilling.
  • Built in Power supply 240VAC and Optional 24VDC

LI401(coming soon)

The original Model 400 Level Indicator has been superseded by the LI401.

The LI401 uses the very latest in “ARM” Processor technology and has been designed specifically for use in the most demanding industrial environments and plants using modern remote communications. The local display is a 64 x 240 pixel graphics LCD type and provides the user with a versatile means of level and weight indication. Remote data is provided by an isolated 4-20mA current output or optional Profibus, DevicNet and Ethernet.

LI200(coming soon)

(Coming soon)


Brochure   ±2% to ±3%*

The model “WT1’ is Web Tech AutoWeigh’s low cost “process” type conveyor belt scale.


  • Designed for easy of installation.
  • Incorporates Two(2) qty “Shearbeam” load cells.
  • Use existing idler, or opt for an inline weigh quality idler (easily attached with “v” type brackets.
  • Belt widths from 450mm up to 1600mm
  • Mild steel galvanised coating.
  • Includes trailing arm speed sensor, electronics and associated junction boxes.(optional calibration equipment and weigh quality idlers)
  • Accuracies in the order of ±2.0% to ±3.0% are achievable over an operation range of 25% to 120% of design capacity.
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