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Application: Light duty weighs belt feeders, food safe.
Rotary Encoder Brochure

Magnetic Pickup

Simple weld on bracket and Bolt on sprocket which mounts to the Bed roller of the idler. Includes:

  • junction box
  • Mag Pickup
  • Bracket
  • Sprocket
  • screws& washers

Trailing Arm

Application: Belt Scales

Bolt onto existing belt scale or framework

Incorporating WXT tacho

Proximity Speed Sensor-Pulley mounted Target

Application: Belt Scales

Weld on target to sit inside the tail pulley.
This system can be installed without removing the bearings.

  • Proximity sensor
  • Weld on target
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Jig if required

Spiral Pulley-Tacho/ Tachometer

Application: Belt Scales

Self cleaning system which runs under the conveyor belt.
Available as a Tacho or proximity speed sensing.
Web tech can also offer custom replacement spiral pulleys up to 300 mm diameter.

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