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Conveyor Belt Scales

Web Tech AutoWeigh manufactures a complete range of conveyor belt scales for nearly all applications. Conveyor belt scale models, also known as belt scales, weightometers and belt weighers can basically be categorised into three categories, “process”, “inventory” and “precision type”.

Web Tech AutoWeigh manufacture systems for all categories, and usually more than one model. The model of conveyor belt scale required depends on the application requirements and the conveyor design.

Our “Belt Scale Installation Guide” will provide guidelines on belt scale installation requirements.

Some of the advantages of using Web Tech AutoWeigh conveyor belt scales are:

  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Heavy duty weigh frame designs
  • Ability to manufacture equipment to suit your application
  • Electronics designed and manufactured by us (not just an agent for an overseas based company)
  • Spare parts locally available

Rotary Shaft Encoder/ Digital Speed Sensor / Tachometer

WXT Render


Application: Belt Scales, Heavy duty Weigh Belt Feeders

PXT Contour1


Application: Light duty weighs belt feeders, food safe.
Rotary Encoder Brochure

Magnetic Pickup

Simple weld on bracket and Bolt on sprocket which mounts to the Bed roller of the idler. Includes:

  • junction box
  • Mag Pickup
  • Bracket
  • Sprocket
  • screws& washers

Trailing Arm

Application: Belt Scales

Bolt onto existing belt scale or framework

Incorporating WXT tacho

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