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Special Applications

  • Specifically designed to suit a certain application, based on standard technology.
  • Applications such as low capacity dosing, dual inlet, high temperature and many others.
  • Complete turnkey design and manufacture using the latest technology.
  • Accuracies in the order of ±0.5% to ±1% are typical depending on the application and material type


Brochure   ±2% to ±3%*

The model “WT1’ is Web Tech AutoWeigh’s low cost “process” type conveyor belt scale.


  • Designed for easy of installation.
  • Incorporates Two(2) qty “Shearbeam” load cells.
  • Use existing idler, or opt for an inline weigh quality idler (easily attached with “v” type brackets.
  • Belt widths from 450mm up to 1600mm
  • Mild steel galvanised coating.
  • Includes trailing arm speed sensor, electronics and associated junction boxes.(optional calibration equipment and weigh quality idlers)
  • Accuracies in the order of ±2.0% to ±3.0% are achievable over an operation range of 25% to 120% of design capacity.

Rotary Shaft Encoder/ Digital Speed Sensor / Tachometer

WXT Render


Application: Belt Scales, Heavy duty Weigh Belt Feeders

PXT Contour1


Application: Light duty weighs belt feeders, food safe.
Rotary Encoder Brochure

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